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State of Business and Education


Martin G. Peterson Event Center
720 12th Street 95354 Modesto United States
In its 6th year, this event seeks to connect the business and education communities to achieve positive student education and career preparation outcomes. These outcomes then impact our community and overall quality of life.

As a leader in our business community, the Modesto Chamber of Commerce invites you to join an important conversation at the State of Business and Education (SBE) event on August 17. At this unique event we’ll be taking concrete steps to better prepare students as well as future and current employees for their next steps in life. You will leave the meeting informed on how to become an advocate for this important work and motivated to take action as an individual and with your business colleagues. Through this event and additional efforts with our partners, the Modesto Chamber of Commerce intends to better align business and education in creating a highly-skilled workforce, embracing youth and young adults in finding a successful path, and enhancing strong partnerships.

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