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WELL Ambassador Training {June}


True Strength Wellness Co.
1214 11th st 95354 Modesto United States
We are looking forward to welcoming you into our WELL {Women's Education & Leadership League} family at our monthly Ambassador training. We will meet on Saturday, June 11 from 9:30am-11:30am at True Strength Wellness in Modesto, across the street from MID. {Please note this change of venue for June 11 only}

Women's Education & Leadership League is committed to finding community ambassadors who can help us find women who would benefit from being financially, emotionally & physically WELL.

Please make sure to register & print your free admission ticket with the "ticket" link above.

According to the US census bureau, women in Stanislaus County earn 30.5% less than elsewhere in California. By 2040, one in every four women in our community could be in financial hardship by the age of 65 -- unless we educate and empower them to take charge of their lives - financially, emotionally and physically.

The Women's Education and Leadership League (WELL) believes that three core areas -- Financial, Physical and Emotional wellness are intertwined. We give women the tools they need to take charge of their lives, businesses and communities. Our programs support women in these areas with life-changing education, mentorship, counseling, advocacy and seminars.

Our no-cost workshops and seminars are conducted by professional advisors and cover a range of financial literacy topics, advising women on their financial goals, helping them plan for retirement or even the financial implications of divorce. Our physical and emotional wellness seminars coach women on stress management or building their self confidence. WELL even offers personalized health and fitness programs. Our full range of programs can be found at http://www.well4women.org/

The Women's Education and Leadership League is changing the culture for women in Modesto and surrounding cities. Over 127 women (we call them Associates) have already benefited from our programs and are now thriving and succeeding in their lives and our community.

We're sure you'll agree that these WELL programs are crucial to our community's women -- with life-changing education so they can take charge of their lives and achieve their goals -- both short term and long term.

By partnering with The Women's Education and Leadership League we can affect even greater change for women in our community.